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Twenty Questions:D&D, new from Hasbro

Ganked from... no, wait, let's set it to music...

"I got it from wombat_socho,
who got it from deathquaker,
who got it from..."

[Thank you, Mr. Lehrer]

1. Who are you?
A man who loves good Maryland Crab Soup. Mmmmmm... too bad I'm on a low sodium diet these days.

2. Is Dungeons and Dragons the first role playing game you ever played?
Yes. It was introduced to me by wombat_socho. It's all his fault.

3. What year was it when you first played a role playing game? (D&D or other?)

4. How old were you when you first played an RPG?

5. What is the name, race and class of the first D&D character you ever played?
George, Human, Fighter. This was during wombat_socho's first excursion as GM. Poor George died, and was replaced by George II.

6. Do you still actively play the first role playing game you ever played? (or any of its newer versions?)
Until just recently, yes. The GM for the group I play with wanted to try something else in the d20 line for a while, so we're off fighting Sky Pirates tomorrow... but D&D fantasy RPGing is offline for the moment, breaking a more or less continuous 32 years of D&D play.

7. What is your favorite D&D campaign setting?
I must assume that the questioner means "published setting", so I'll answer that question first. Although playing through a couple of the D&D computer games got me interested in some of the Forgotten Realms lore, the published setting that I have liked most is WotC's EBERRON. Unfortunately, the GM for that group got busy with other things, and the campaign is suspended until she becomes un-busy.

8. What other D&D campaign settings have you played in?
And now, the other answer to question 7... most of the campaigns that I have played in have not been set in a published campaign setting. Most of them have been in GM-created worlds - some very extensively developed, with maps that the players only saw a tiny portion of during the lives of those campaigns. Of these campaigns, the ones I have enjoyed most have been those in which role-play got equal time with the bludgeoning. stabbing, etc.

9. What other role playing games have you played?
Gamma World (briefly). Traveller (extensively - some of my favorite war stories are Traveller stories). Privateers and Gentleman (the RPG for every Hornblower fan, or any other of the extant series of books about Napoleonic-era naval adventure). Champions (some day I'll have my revenge on the GM for deciding to go back to D&D exclusively). 1st Ed. Twilight:2000 (which I enjoyed greatly, as it allowed my to play three very different characters before the campaign ended). Call of Cthulhu (although I have never actually used CoC game mechanics, as my campaign was hybridized with TW:2000 for my Nightfall:2020 campaign). JAMES BOND 007 (where I got to play the agent who was going insane, and would eventually have become a villain - by GM request, no less). Deadlands (once - I still owe Tad a thwack to the head for asking if I wanted to play in a campaign a friend of his was going to run, which ran just once). d20 Future (which, while it is rooted in the mechanics of 3rd Ed. D&D, is substantially different from D&D... you couldn't drop characters from a non-D&D d20 game into D&D, or vice versa, for various good reasons).

If you count chatting in character in a MMORPG, City of Heroes. You never know when you'll bump into a role-player online.

I may have forgotten one or two, but - I've forgotten.

10. Are you actively playing in any other games right now?
Just the d20 Future campaign. I'd like to be playing my Champions character again, because I loved the background work on that character. I'd enjoy playing my Privateers and Gentlemen character again, because it's good to be brilliant in that game system, even if you're hampered by having the social skills of a wild boar. Depending on my circumstances, I might enjoy playing any of the above games again, or learning a new system.

11. What other RPGs would you like to try that you have not had the chance or time to play?
I'd have to count Deadlands here, too, having only played the one time. I was fascinated by the idea of In Nomine. Others - there are too many to remember...

12. Have you ever played a gender-bender? (M player/F character or F player/M character)
Yes. My experience was that it's better to stick to your own gender unless you're playing with strong roleplayers who won't find it difficult to interact with you as an opposite gender character. My principal female character ended up just being a man who was, in some theoretical sense, female. I had better results playing female NPCs as GM; since they are supporting characters and don't get lots of screen time, they can be painted in a few strokes, and players find it easier to interact with a cross-gender GM when the NPCs are integral to their own internal story.

13. What is your favorite class to play?
(D&D character class, one presumes...) I have no favorites. I play whatever interests me at the time, or try to fill a niche that the party needs filled. I probably have more fighters and clerics in my theoretical list of characters than most other classes, but I have played most of the 1st Edition classes. 3rd Ed. characters have all been converted from earlier versions (ah, campaign longevity - the basis for a lot of the good humor in THE ORDER OF THE STICK).

14. Have you ever been a DM, GM, or ST?
Yes. D&D for about 7 years, on an almost weekly basis... my hybridized Call of Cthulhu campaign for 3 or so years, but only monthly. A little Traveller.

15. Do you prefer running the game, or playing in it?
I find that I prefer play, partly because running a decent campaign is enormously time-consuming, and failing to do it right because I don't have enough time makes me unhappy.

16. Do you prefer small (solo-3), medium (4-6), or large groups (7+) when playing?
No preference. Each game is different, and each session is different. Some times you need to solo, some times you need a mob. I have to say that 3rd Ed. D&D groups shouldn't be more than medium-sized; combat time expands at a greater than linear rate as you add players.

17. Do you hack/slash/plunder, or do you actually attempt role playing?
I much prefer a campaign which allots reasonable time to role-play; I can play computer games to beat things up.

18. Have you ever created a character that you felt was almost an extension of yourself?
No, except in the sense that they allow me to explore different ideas. After all, how many of us are evil, or heroes or cowards? I've found that I prefer to play characters who are not me... which leads to question 19.

19. Escapist much?
Definitely. RPGing (and LARPing) allow a vicarious experience similar to that for which I read. As I said above, I prefer to play characters who differ substantially in personality, background, and ability; that's partly for simple escapist reasons.

20. What class would you want to be if you (the real you ;)) were a D&D character?
Some NPC class, obviously. I've never been the physical type, so the fighter classes are out; lack of religious conviction leaves out clerical possibilities; crime has to pay in 10 or more figures left of the decimal point to be worth the risks, so no thieving; somehow I don't see myself as a wizard. Too many god-damned house calls.
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