Radio announcer states "here's another song by a group that appeared at Woodstock"...

I immediately thought "The National Guard?"

And the song turned out to be CSN's "Woodstock", which implicitly mentions the National Guard.

Now, of course, I want to see a television spot with clips from the film WOODSTOCK, with the tag line:

"The National Guard. Not just for disasters."
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Total Fun Housemate search

Having recently lost a housemate to home ownership, I and my remaining roommate now must either leave the house we're in by the end of this month or find one or more new housemates to replace the absent one. The first candidate who came to mind has priorities which made this house unsuitable to his needs, so I've been working on a couple avenues by which we might find new housemates. I thought I'd mention it here, in case someone that I know knows of someone who might be looking to live in the College Park area, whose interest I am unaware of...

The rent on the house is pretty steep, so the rooms are not ultra cheap, but if living very close to the UMCP campus (house is in College Park Woods, north of campus, just off Metzerott road) would be convenient, send me email and we can arrange for the prospective renter to visit and get the details. Given that both of us are male and non-smokers, it would probably work out best if the prospective renters matched that profile.

FIOS internet and TV in place, some storage space available in the basement (which in 3 years has not suffered a bad water incident). One of the BR will cost more than the other, because it has its own bathroom. If one person needs a BR and office, take both, we'll knock a little off of the combined rent.
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a satisfying gaming day

Lovely day at the Lesnik residence with Deb, Larry, Mike, Dan & Julie, and Ann & Steve... crushed in AGRICOLA by Larry's mighty farming empire, victorious in POWER GRID, mostly because Ann forgot that sometimes you have to slow down to speed up... poker, other gaming, conversation and food....
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Definitely going to hell

Drove by a friend's house Wednesday morning (had just dropped Das Auto at the dealership for scheduled (and some painfully unscheduled) maintenance, and it was reasonably close), and drove up just as he and his young, amazingly energetic girls were getting into the "little red truck", as the girls put it, to drive to school. Ended up going along for the ride.

Older daughter was babbling excitedly (the girls haven't seen me for a few months) about various things, and as we pulled up at the girl's cousin's house to pick her up too, I was informed that said cousin had a "new' dog, which was half-Chihuahua half-something else. When the other girl joined us, it was *imperative* that I be told that the dog was half-Dachsund, too.

It took considerable effort of will not to ask it that particular cross was called a "Dachau".
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Buck Godot, Zap Gun for Hire...

I cannot resist commenting that today's page of BUCK GODOT, ZAP GUN FOR HIRE (from Studio Foglio) has one of the best lines that Phil ever wrote in it...

"I... have never found a sentient I enjoy *hating* more than I hate you."

Just feel that love...
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Your friends know you too well when...

Went to a Xmas party for a group of my RPGing friends today (Saturday), and received a gift that proves that even if your friends don't always understand you, they do in fact know who you are.

Ordinarily, when I receive a tie as a gift, it's "Thank you very much". I'm not big into ties. THIS tie was different. It's a nice silk tie with an embroidered pattern (god bless modern garment-making machines)... the tie is black, and is dotted with a regular array of small skulls wearing gold crowns, in a profile view.

Now I feel the not-necessarily-sane urge to write an RPG module (to be run in the Hackmaster system, because only Hackmaster could be this bizarre and sick as a matter of course) entitled "Necktie of the Lich King!"

I just couldn't resist the urge to brandish the tie and intone "Fear my neckwear! ONWARD MY UNDEAD MINIONS!"

The Call of Cthulhu - Please Hold While We Locate Your Party

My friend Charlie was kind enough to loan a DVD to me which I am not *compelled* to comment on, but which I want to mention - possibly because the Stars are Right.

THE CALL OF CTHULHU, brought forth from chaos by the HPL Historical Society, will not be to the taste of some viewers. The story is presented as a silent film, complete with orchestral soundtrack and title cards which carry such dialogue as is necessary; also, having made the decision to present the story in that framework, the filmmakers also went with black & white filming. Additionally (I doubt there was sufficient money in their budget for heavy-duty CGI work), in the climactic scenes of the story stop-motion photography is used to present a not uncomely model of the Old One.

If the viewer is not put off by these technical issues, THE CALL OF CTHULHU is a pretty good film in several ways.

First, it is a remarkably faithful telling of the original story, in content and in style. Like Stoker's DRACULA, HPL's THE CALL OF CTHULHU is presented as a mixture of newspaper clippings, personal reminiscences, and journal entries. Preserving this story-telling technique works well in the silent format, and simple shots framed on newspaper articles or journal entries work more effectively than having someone read them could. Also, the story is done as a period piece, with appropriate costuming, props, and a few cleverly done exterior shots in Providence, Rhode Island.

Second, the actors do the work deadpan, which is necessary to the atmosphere of the story. It's interesting to note how the absence of voice affects the acting, or at least my perception of the acting. While the film isn't filled with the amazingly broad mugging that adorns some original silent films, some of the facial expressions are perhaps a bit more expressive than might have been the case if the film had been a talkie.

Third, the climactic scenes - which take place in not-"currently"-Sunken R'lyeh - are nicely shot, using a surprisingly small set as a much larger space by shooting from every possible angle. Big stop-motion Old One chases crew, almost every body dies...

If you've never read THE CALL OF CTHULHU, the film might be, at most, an interesting diversion. If you're a Lovecraft fan, you'll probably really like this film.

Weekend of gaming

I suppose that it would be remiss of me to fail to mention that this weekend - Labor Day weekend, starting on Friday at 6 PM and running until Monday at 2 PM - a bunch of people will descend on the Holiday Inn Laurel West for TAD & CRAIG'S EXCELLENT PARTY 15: The Elder Party. See?:


One day memberships half price. Drop by, play a game or three. Eat freshly baked bread. BE IRRESPONSIBLE.

But - sadly - for the first year in a long time (possibly ever (but I'm getting old (and my brain is dying faster than the rest of me (and I can't remember with certainty)))) we will be LARPless, because our good friend Jason had to go away for work-related training this weekend, and our evil friend Tad is a useless git... I mean, was all busy irradiating people for fun and profit.

He *is* supposed to be at his own convention this year, which is a plus.

***UPDATE*** The (Bald) Eagle Has Landed... yes, Tad is here. And tomorrow he'll be pinata for a day!

[OK, LISP Joke removed]
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